3 Reasons to Join a Local Quilt Guild

Quilting is better with friends! Here’s some reasons you should search out your local guilds to join.

Originally posted on March 26, 2018 by Cheryl Sleboda

Quilting has been a social activity for as long as people have been quilting.  From the earliest “bees” to quilting as part of church or community, it’s been the place for people to come together and share their skills and enjoy each other’s company.  Here’s a few reasons to search out your local guild.

-To make new quilt friends. Quilting is the bond that holds us together! Sometimes we just need to meet other people who “get” us.  Joining a Quilt Guild helps us get out of our routines and meeting new quilting friends. Maybe you’ll be able to meet up to sew together or go on retreats, cruises, or to a local quilt show together.

-To learn something new.  Quilt Guilds often bring in nationally known or local speakers and teachers to educate their members on what new things are happening in the quilt world.  Often times classes are also held by those same teachers so that members can learn new skills.  Quilt Guilds often state in their by laws or other articles of organization that they mean to spread the love of quilting, so education on quilt techniques are a large part of what quilt guilds do.

-To give back to the community.  Philanthropy is a large part of what guilds do for their local and national communities.  Whether it’s quilts for babies in the local hospitals or quilts for national veterans organizations to recognize those who served, quilt guilds provide quilts to many.  It feels good to work on community service projects like these, and your local quilt guild can help you with giving back to a charity,

If you are looking for a quilt guild near you, check out

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