Choosing the Right Fusible for Your Quilt

To Fuse or Not to Fuse?  Let us help you make a good fusible choice!

Originally posted on May 2, 2018 by Cheryl Sleboda

Fusible web has made many aspects of quilting easier.  Applique was only done by hand or machine before it came along to make quick work of attaching one fabric to another.  There are so many fusibles on the market, so how do you choose which one is best for you? Let’s go through some of the basics to help you decide.

-There are different weights of fusibles.  Not all fusibles are created equal.  Some are heavy weight and thick, and some are super light and sheer.  When deciding, you need to think about the use your quilt will get.  Will it be washed a lot?  Do you plan to quilt heavily over the appliques?  These are factors to help decide if you need a stronger bond. Heat from a dryer can unstick your pieces, so you need a fusible that will stand up to washers and dryers if you plan to wash it.

-Paper backing or not?  Some fusibles come with a handy paper backing.  This is really helpful if you have to draw out a design, which you can do on the paper side and iron them down to your fabrics.  Paper backed fusibles can also be cut in your digital cutter.  Non paper backed fusibles need to be positioned with a non stick ironing sheet to protect your ironing surface.

-Watch your heat settings.  Always read the instructions for the best use of your fusibles.  If your iron is too hot, or you leave the iron in place for too long, the fusible on the back basically melts into the fabric and stops sticking.  Also, not all irons are created equal and one iron’s Wool setting is another’s Cotton setting.  Starting at a lower temp and a test piece will help you figure out the best temp for your iron to work with that fusible.

Fusible web is very popular in quilting.  Trying out various kinds until you find your favorite is key.  Seeing how they work with the fabrics and how they feel after fusing is part of the testing process.  We hope this helps you think about what kind of fusible you will want to use in your next quilt!

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