How Hot is Your Iron?

Not all irons heat to the same temperature, and blogger Cheryl Sleboda has a great tip for you.

Originally posted on May 14, 2018 by Cheryl Sleboda

Not all irons are made the same.  Recently while testing a new fusible for a friend, I noticed I wasn’t getting the right result.  After inquiring about my poor results, I was told my iron wasn’t at the right temperature.  I was using the setting on the iron that the product told me to.  My friend gave me a great tip and I’m passing it on to save you the same trouble.

Of course, an iron that is not at the right setting can cause other problems other than just on fusibles.   Ever tried to get wrinkles out of your fabric with an iron that’s too cool?  Or scorched a fabric with an iron that’s too hot?  An iron that’s not heating properly may be a sign it’s about to break down.

I have a couple of irons, one for using with my fusibles and the one that can still possibly be used on clothing without any possible fusible residue on it.  My friend’s genius suggestion was to use a temperature sensor, the kind with a laser that you point at the object and get a reading from.  I happened to have one that I have used on both my car and my grill.  I even used it with my oven once to make sure my temperature gauge was working right.  So if you don’t have one, now you have a bunch of other ways to use it outside of the sewing room.

After testing my irons, one wool setting was definitely much hotter than the other! I have had the one iron for much longer, so the difference could just be old age, but I was really surprised at the difference. No wonder my fusible product wasn’t behaving! It was getting too hot.

These devices are available in home improvement stores or online.  Mine cost about $15.  Have you tried this?  Let us know over on our Facebook page!

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