Machine Motif – Microchips

Machine Motif of the Month – Microchips

Get out your walking foot for this easy and interesting machine quilting motif.

To begin, put on your walking foot and create your practice space that you will be quilting inside of.







Next, after sewing a straight line for about an inch, I switched over to a zigzag stitch.  The stitch is wide, but also very tight.  I sewed for about another inch with the zigzag stitch and then switched back to straight until I reached the end of the practice area.

When doing your second and third rows, I put zigzag stitches where the straight lines were on the previous row.  This gives some visual interest to the stitching.

When your area is filled in, you are all done.  Your friends will wonder how you did it.  Be sure to check back with us every month for a new motif by machine!

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