Machine Motif of the Month: Mini Shamrocks

Make this cute quilting design more than the usual meander by adding sweet little shamrocks to your quilting path.

Originally posted on March 19, 2018 by Cheryl Sleboda

It’s spring, and what could be cuter than adding a few shamrocks to your meander stitch?  This design is easy to master, and  you can do vary the design by stitching three-leaf or four-leaf clovers.

1. Start by stitching a box to represent the area you are trying to fill.  Next, stitch a meandering line in a random direction.  Once you are ready to add your first shamrock, make a circle for your first shamrock leaf.

2. Add two more circles to make a three-leaf shamrock. To make a four-leaf shamrock, add a fourth circle. While your circles do not have to be perfect, try to make the shapes as evenly as you can. You will likely end your last leaf in the shamrock center, giving you the opportunity to exit the shamrock in any direction. This way you can be sure not to get stuck in any corners.

3. In the sample shown here, my shamrocks are very, very tiny–the same size as the open toe area on my quilting foot! However, this meander stitch variation can be sized up to as large as you want.  This would be a good stitch to practice your circles with a circle ruler, and start a foray into ruler work.

Now that you have learned the shamrock, go back and check out our other Machine Motif of the Month blog posts!

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