March/April 2018

We’re chock-full of eye-candy in this issue of Machine Quilting Unlimited.

View several of Featured Artist Marilyn Badger’s stunning quilts, plus a selection of quilts from the Masterworks: Abstract & Geometric exhibit, which premiered at the International Quilt Festival in November 2017, plus a whole lot more in the March/April 2018 issue of Machine Quilting Unlimited!

Also in this issue:

Crazy for clamshells? Cindy Seitz-Krug’s Clamshell Extravaganza! is filled with variations of this ever-popular quilting design.

Margaret Solomon Gunn outlines several options for making Feathered Wreaths.

Get your Singer Featherweight fix in part two of The Perfect Portable by Alex Askaroff.

Kit Robinson continues her Landscape Quilts series with Stitching Farm Scenes.

Kay Bell has a Face Off with the intricate designs found on the faceplates of early Featherweight machines.

Sandra Meech interprets Flooding on the Somerset Levels in the Art Studio.

Country Roads (detail) © Joanne Baeth.
Greensleeves (detail) ©2009 Claudia Clark Myers and Marilyn Badger
The Beach (detail) © Shiela Frampton-Cooper
Solitaire, (detail) © 2018 Bethanne Nemesh
Feathered Wreath Sampler (detail) ©2017 Margaret Solomon Gunn
Clamshell Extravaganza Sampler (detail) © 2017 Cindy Seitz-Krug.
At top: Country Roads (detail) © Joanne Baeth.
Center row, left: Greensleeves (detail) ©2009 Claudia Clark Myers and Marilyn Badger; Center row, middle: The Beach (detail) © Shiela Frampton-Cooper; Center row, right: Solitaire, (detail) © 2018 Bethanne Nemesh.
Bottom row, left: Feathered Wreath Sampler (detail) ©2017 Margaret Solomon Gunn. Bottom row, right: Clamshell Extravaganza Sampler (detail) © 2017 Cindy Seitz-Krug.

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