Moonlight Sonata  (detail) © Susan Stewart

Moonlight Sonata

Susan Stewart is known for her masterful use of digitized embroidery designs. Part of what sets Susan apart is that along with her embroidery and beautiful machine quilting she also incorporates heirloom machine sewing techniques in her work.

In our November/December 2017 issue, Susan takes us along on her journey of creating Moonlight Sonata.

She begins with her procedure for creating a test stitch-out of some of the motifs on the fabric she’s chosen. It’s no surprise that her method involves plenty of planning and precision. One of the stitch-outs Susan used to test fabric, thread, and motif combinations is shown below.

Susan also shares her assembly methods, including using lace she’s created by machine, and details her batting and backing choices and how they impact her design. I love the beautiful photographs that show the quilting while it’s in progress. The end result is stunning.

Check out our November/December 2017 issue to see additional details, tips, and techniques that Susan used to create Moonlight Sonata, as well as so much more!


I love the in progress photos.

–Diane Rusin Doran, MQU senior editor
Moonlight Sonata © Susan Stewart

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