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Studio Tour — Frieda Anderson

MQU’s Cheryl Sleboda caught up with quilter and fabric dyer Frieda Anderson in Elgin, IL. Get a glimpse of Frieda’s studio in this online interview!

Originally posted on February 7, 2018 by Cheryl Sleboda

So Frieda, tell us where your studio is located (room in your house, basement, separate studio space, etc)?

My studio is situated in the whole lower level of our home. For those of you in Florida that is the basement. I use the whole space. It is divided into two sections. The front section is carpeted, not my preferred floor, with drywall and recessed lighting. I had an electrician come and rewire the whole room so that my iron and sewing machines are on different breakers. My computer, sewing machines, big board ironing station and work table are in this section of my work space.

The back section is concrete floors and concrete walls and it is where I do all the hand dyeing for my business. It is not very glamorous, but very functional.

What is your favorite part of your studio?

The favorite part of my space is the L section that I created with my big board ironing station and my large work cutting table. I have an elevated chair so I can sit and iron and cut and work on all my quilts easily here.

What would you like to do to your studio if you had a chance?

WELL, if I could have my dream studio it would be twice as large with twice as much table surface and shelving units. And of course more natural lighting with a 12″ tile floor to help measure and square up my work. Someone should invent an Olfa floor tile, so we could place our work on the floor and easily square up large pieces.   I would also like it to be able to walk outside from the work area.  I would like to have a cozy sitting area to sit and work on hand projects or invite friends in to sit and visit with me. I don’t ask for much :). But I am very lucky to have such a large space to work in. I feel blessed.


Thanks for showing us around, Frieda!   To see Frieda’s work, check out her website at

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