The view from Jenny’s machine area.

Studio Tour – Jenny K. Lyon

We love to sneak a peek into other people’s sewing spaces, don’t we? Today, we’re getting a look at the studio of Jenny K. Lyon, a quilter and quilting educator from Granite Bay, California.  She was kind enough to let us take a look around, and to chat with us about her studio space!

Originally posted on January 29, 2018 by Cheryl Sleboda

So, Jenny, where is your studio located (such as a room in your house, basement, separate studio space, etc)?

My studio is located in what used to be my oldest son’s bedroom-the moment he left for college I took over his room. It is 11’ x 18’ and has a small walk-in closet in which I store my 1-3 yard fabric cuts as well as batting, trims, ribbons, buttons and my sewing machine inventory.

I recently completed a whole house remodel and reconfigured the room to be my studio, with a bank of cabinets, an 8’ x 8’ design wall, overhead lighting and open shelving for my teaching supplies and retail product. My teaching supplies are in pull-out bins, organized by class so it’s easy to get ready to teach.

Before the renovation my studio was dark, crowded and disorganized, which really affected my creativity. I invested a lot of time and thought into organizing the cabinets and now everything is visible and labeled-I love that! I designed the cabinets to have 4” between the door and the shelves so that I could hang items on the doors.  My BERNINA 765 sits in a table that has a flip-out back, giving me plenty of room for larger projects. I added Patsy Thompson’s Quilt Suspension system, a super simple way to manage the bulk of a large quilt. The table came with a roll-out bank of shallow drawers which I adore. It organizes my feet and accessories, scissors, specialty threads, needles, and most of my tools, making it easy to grab-and-go.

The view from the door. You can see Jenny’s design wall on the left.
Jenny stores fat quarter cuts of fabric in these bins.

My overhead lighting is even and bright. I added a magnifying lamp to my machine which I use for micro quilting, accurate ¼” seams and for ripping out tiny stitches-it’s a must for me. I have a fantastic view of my yard from my machine, a sight I never tire of.

My fabric is organized according to type and length of cut. My fat quarters are in plastic clamshells which fit into IKEA shelving that also houses longer fabric cuts. My 1-3 yard cuts are wrapped around 2 pieces of acid-free cardboard from the comic book store and secured with a pin. The boards are organized by color or type and placed in acid-free comic book boxes. It’s easy to peruse my fabric, play with it and return it to its place.

What is your favorite part of your studio?

The best thing I added to my studio was a rolling cutting/design table that I designed. The top is 36” x 24”, with two 18” flip-outs at either end, extending the length to 72”. I have open shelving on both sides and all my oft used tools are at the ready. I frequently roll it around the studio as the need arises.

I love my huge design wall too, so it’s a toss-up which is my favorite! Now that I have a proper design wall I wonder how I ever survived without one.

We know you recently renovated, but what would you like to do to your studio if you had another chance?

In a perfect world I would have a wet area and would experiment more with dyes and paints. Although I love my 765, it would be cool to also have a BERNINA Q20 sit-down longarm for those larger projects. And dedicated space for videos and photography…maybe even a small kitchen area with a little frig and microwave? Then I would never have to leave!

If you would like to check out Jenny’s work, you can do so at Look for more studio spaces to be featured in the future.


Jenny’s machine area.

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