Ways to Support Your Local Quilt Shop

Local quilt shops and sewing stores are important to our industry. Here’s some ways you can give them your support!

Originally posted on April 2, 2018 by Cheryl Sleboda

Quilt shops and sewing stores help keep our industry humming along.  These small niche businesses cater to our needs with specialty machines, products, and fabrics.  These shops have invested thousands to be able to showcase their products and services to you in a store that always reflects the personality of the owners.  It’s these small businesses that create jobs, teach new skills, and of course, bring the latest in new products to your area.

Not everyone is lucky to have a quilt shop or sewing store local to them.  Perhaps you have even traveled to one outside of the area you normally are in to try out a new shop. A “shop hop” is a great way to visit lots of stores in an area, and some guilds and quilt shows organize them via bus.  There’s lots of ways to support a shop, even if it’s not one local to you.

Even small purchases add up. When I visit a new sewing store or quilt shop outside my area, I try to buy one small thing from them on my visit.  A fat quarter of fabric, some needles I may have been thinking about buying, or even a pattern or magazine will help move merchandise or add to their bottom line.  Sometimes I end up finding something I never knew about and spend way more! That’s the beauty of trying out new shops.   I will also contact my local shop if I’m looking for something out of the ordinary, because I’d prefer to support them first.

Tell people when you have a great experience.  Small businesses rely on word of mouth to help their businesses grow, especially in niche industries like sewing and quilting.  Quilt shops may not have a big budget for advertising to reach the general public to announce where they are and what they do.  So if you find a shop that have you great service, had something you have been searching for, or have classes you haven’t seen anywhere else, telling your friends to check it out give the shop the extra boost to gain new customers.

Follow them on Social Media.  Even if the store is not local to you, following them on social media not only gives them a boost in numbers on their pages, but also notifies you when they may be doing something special.  If they are having a “sewlebrity” visit, you’ll be able to find out and even decide to make the trip out to see them.  Sharing their events and photos also helps your local shops increase their reach to new customers in your friends list, and doesn’t cost you anything to help them do so.

These are just a few ways to help the quilt or sewing stores in your areas stay in business so that you can shop there.  Not sure about local quilt or sewing stores near you?  A quick Google search will pull up the shops or a locator for you to put in your city and state.


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