What to Do If You Lose Your Inspiration

Blogger Cheryl Sleboda has some tips for you to help you get your quilting mojo back.

Originally posted on April 9, 2018 by Cheryl Sleboda

Every quilter at some point feels a little less inspiration than they did when they first started quilting.  Don’t lose hope!  There are ways to get your creativity back and get you in front of your sewing machine again.

Think about what first attracted you to quilting and what you liked.   Did you like the piecing of the quilt? Preferred to get tot he quilting part?  Maybe design was what you loved best?  Was it working on something as a gift for a family member or friend? Everyone has a part that they enjoyed and tapping into what parts you liked best will help you focus your energy on those skills and bust through your creative slump.

Take a class.  Sometimes just taking a quilting class will help us break through a low period in our creativity.  Your local quilt guilds, local shops, and even sometimes your community colleges will have a quilt class to take to spark your imagination again.  And if the project itself that you will make in class is not to your liking, sometimes the act of sitting in front of the machine to sew will create new inspiration.

Challenge yourself.  On social media there are a ton of “challenges” to help you break out of your creative funk.  Some of the challenges may be over but the original list may help you work through to new inspiration. Searching for “quiltchallenge” hashtags may lead you to one you like.  Perhaps you need to try a new technique once a month or more to find something new that really gets you going again.  Blogger Cheryl Sleboda did a new technique every week for a year as part of her weekly quilt project, which she started to break through a creative low period.

Rest and recharge. It’s important to know that every creative person goes through a period of time where they just don’t feel as creative as they did in the beginning.  One of the ways some people combat that is to keep at making the work, but that doesn’t work for everyone.  Sometimes taking a rest and filling your mind with beautiful images or quilt inspiration helps get you back on track.  Visit a museum or quilt show.  Pick up a new magazine, like Machine Quilting Unlimited, to spark your creativity again.  Something will pop up as inspiring, or a new exciting technique will appear for you to try, and you will be sewing again in no time.

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