Board Beautification

Spruce up your sewing studio with an easy-peasy ironing board cover.

Designer: Linda Turner Griepentrog

Skill Level: Confident Beginner

Finished Size: Custom Fit

Customize your board cover.
In Issue #22, Donna Lynn Thomas explains the importance of pressing in the Quilting Fundamentals article on page 70, and Linda Turner Grienpentrog details ironing board options in Board Basics on page 76. Linda has also designed an easy-to-make custom ironing board cover that you can make. In addition, Linda suggests going “beyond the board” by

  • Adding pockets along one edge of the board length or at the wide end to hold spray starch, pressing cloths, etc.
  • Adding a pieced section to showcase your favorite quilt block or border. Use the feature band as an iron rest at the wider end of the board, not in the pressing area.


Download the free instructions and get started on your own customized ironing board cover today!

You’ll find the complete Quilting Fundamentals and Board Basics articles in Issue #22 of Modern Quilts Unlimited.  Preview Issue #22 now.

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