Inside Issue #23


Pressing is important. In this issue, we wind up our accounts of this hot skill. Donna Lynn Thomas details how to determine pressing direction in Impressive Pressing, Part 2, and Linda Turner Griepentrog reports on Tabletop Pressing, plus she also provides a Top 10 Tools list you won’t want to miss.

Into improv? We have two great projects to satisfy that scrappy itch. See Donna Lee’s Boxes of Color and Jodi Robinson’s Scrap Basket Improv, below. Need to touch on your more traditional roots? Check out our colorful cover quilt, Jackie Nixon-Fulton’s Drunkard’s Bullseye Wow!, which combines two traditional blocks in a big, brand-new way. Don’t forget to download the full-size pattern for that quilt, right here.

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<i>Awkward Hug</i> by Pam Cobb
<i>Boxes of Color</i> by Donna Lee
<i>Simple Shapes</i> by Monika Huelsebusch
<i>Summer Breeze</i> by Jackie Padesky for AccuQuilt
Above: Awkward Hug by Pam Cobb, Boxes of Color by Donna Lee, Simple Stripes by Monika Huelsebusch and Summer Breeze by Jackie Padesky for AccuQuilt.


<i>Pineapple Sunset</i>, but Jackie Padesky
<i>Scrap Basket Improv</i> by Jodi Robinson
<i>Drunkard's Bullseye Wow!</i> by Jackie Nixon-Fulton
Above: Pineapple Sunset by Jackie Padesky, Scrap Basket Improv by Jodi Robinson, and Drunkard’s Bullseye Wow! by Jackie Nixon-Fulton.


<i>Chalk</i> by Cheryl Brickey
<i>Hexie Pincushion Trio</i> by Amy Friend
<i>We the People</i> by Kathryn Simel
Above: Chalk by Cheryl Brickey, Hexie Pincushion Trio by Amy Friend, and We the People by Kathryn Simel.


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