Jane Sassaman

Studio Tour

Author: Carol Zentgraf

Posted: October 12, 2015

In February 2015, editor Carol Zentgraf took a workshop from Jane Sassaman at Quilting in the Desert, a multi-day quilting art class event taught by nationally known instructors. During the workshop, Jane invited Carol to visit her in her studio. Following are Carol’s notes on the studio visit, plus a gallery of photos.

Last February, when I took a workshop from Jane Sassaman at Quilting in the Desert, she invited me to come visit her Harvard, IL studio and I jumped at the chance! After a call to publisher Vicki Anderson, we lined up a July road trip from my home in Illinois, and what a fun day it was.

After a brief tour of the surrounding farmlands (road construction) we arrived at Jane’s studio and were greeted by very cool garden art before we ever reached the door. Jane’s studio is separate from her home and what an inspiration-filled place it was! The multi-room studio featured a generous storage area as we entered (Jane had given her husband, also an artist, an eviction notice for his “stuff” that had trickled in), and a state-of-the art studio on one side with an office on the other.

As you can see from the following photos, Jane’s fabrics, samples and other creative endeavors filled the rooms. We even got a preview of her upcoming fabric collection for Free Spirit! We hope you will enjoy the following photo tour as much as we enjoyed our actual tour. Thank you, Jane, for a fun-filled visit!


For more by Jane, check out her books from C & T Publishing and Dragon Threads and her new fall scarf from Dragon Threads. Visit and for more information on these products.

Linda Griepentrog’s Designer Spotlight interview of Jane Sassaman appeared in the Fall 2015 (#13) issue of Modern Quilts Unlimited. Check our Back Issues page for issue availability.



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