How Often Should You Change Your Needle?

Info and tips on needles for your sewing machine.

Originally posted on March 29, 2018 by Cheryl Sleboda

There’s one item in every sewing machine that can’t be left out, and that’s the needle.  But many of us don’t think about changing the needle in our machine as often as we should.  Our friend Rhonda Pierce of SCHMETZ Needles gave us some practical tips for needles in our machines.

First of all, if you are having trouble with your sewing, the first thing you can do to try to fix the situation is to change the needle.  Skipped stitches, broken threads, and that popping sound the needle makes as it goes through the fabric are all signs of the need to change your needle.  Sometimes, that’s the only indication and time we think about changing our needle.

In reality, the needle in your machine is designed to last only so long before becoming too dull to sew with properly.  Rhonda advises us that for approximately every 6 – 8 hours of sewing, you should change your needle.  And for best results, your needle should match both the thread and the fabric you are sewing with.  SCHMETZ has made this easy with their color coding system, and they even have a guide to use for matching the needle to your project.


SCHMETZ maginfied a used needle 1000x’s to see what it looked like. 

Even a needle that looks fine by the naked eye can be too damaged to sew with. SCHMETZ magnified a used needle 1000x’s to see the damage that the needle really has from piercing your fabric so many times.  As you can see, a needle like this will snag your fabrics and shred your threads.

So, when was the last time you changed your needle?  For more information on needles and how to match your needle to your project, visit

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