How to Survive the Quilt Show

Don’t lose your cool when navigating a big quilt convention, use our tips to have a great time!

Originally posted on April 10, 2018 by Cheryl Sleboda

Big shows can be hard to navigate!

The big quilt show season is upon us!  As they get closer we find ourselves giddy to travel to them and see all of the amazing quilts, awesome products, and friendly vendors.  But they can also be overwhelming and exhausting.  Here are our tips for surviving the show and having a great time.

Wear comfy clothes and shoes.  It goes without saying that comfy shoes are a must!  Don’t wear brand new shoes or shoes that you can’t walk or stand in for more than a few hours.  Comfortable clothing is also important.  One show always reminds their guests that fashion stops at the knee.

Drink, eat, and rest often.  Having a good breakfast before you go (and stopping for a meal in the middle of the day) will not only keep you from shopping “hangry” but you will have more energy to keep going.   The same goes for finding a spot to sit for a while to rest up your achy feet.  Most shows have lots of chairs and designated meal areas to sit and talk with your fellow quilters.

Make a plan of attack. Grabbing a show map at the beginning allows you to prioritize what you want to accomplish first and allow you to plan your route.  Maybe your goal is to see all of the quilts, or maybe you have a vendor or two that are a must see.  Whatever you plan to do, making your plan, and even setting a timer or two on your phone will allow you to see everything you came to see. 

What are your show survival tips?  Be sure to share it with us on Facebook !


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