Reader Tip: Clips for Binding

Why struggle with straight pins? Use these colorful and handy clips to quickly clamp binding in place.

Originally posted on January 21, 2018 by Cheryl Sleboda

Sometimes, you just need an extra hand while sewing.  It seems while binding, you want to hold your binding down over the edge of your quilt so you can sew for more than a couple of inches without stopping. We also want to drape the quilt on our lap or table and not get stuck with pins.  This is where clips have come in to allow us to have the extra help we need.

Many of us who have been sewing for a long time recognize this style of clip.  For many years this was the only clip on the market.  This binding clip is easily opened, so it’s great if your hand strength is not the greatest.  You can snap them over your binding and remove them in a jiffy.  Sometimes we have not even closed then, just sliding them open over the binding was enough to hold the binding in place.

The newest clips to arrive on the scene are these sewing clips that now come in many colors.  The smaller ones may be a little stiff to pinch open, so if you have a tough time with those try the ones that come in the larger size.  A recently discovered drawback on a satin-y project was that these binding clips have little nubs and those “teeth” can leave a mark on your fabric.  If your project will be washed, this may not be an issue for you.  They are great for all sorts of other projects in the sewing room, and we have even found one being used to close up a plastic bag when a twist-tie was not handy.

Another type of clip on the market is a heavier clip used in garment sewing.  While this clip looks unusual, it’s easy to open and is completely smooth on the inside, so it’s great for delicate fabrics. It’s a little heavier weight, but still holds on tight while you sew your binding on.

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