Remembering Nancy Zieman

Originally posted on November 24, 2017 by Cheryl Sleboda

Here at Meander Publishing, we were devastated to learn of the passing of Nancy Zieman, founder of Nancy’s Notions and longtime host of Sewing With Nancy on public television. Nancy inspired millions of people to take up sewing and quilting as a hobby or profession.


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Modern Quilts Unlimited editor Laurie Baker had remembrances of Nancy to share. Laurie first met Nancy in 1991, and would see her at different sewing events or shows through 1998. She didn’t see her again until this year when Laurie visited Quilt Expo, a quilting convention started by Nancy in 2005 in Madison, WI with Wisconsin Public Television. Laurie was amazed that Nancy still remembered her after so much time passed.  Meander Publishing’s Owner and Founder Vicki Anderson says this was one of Nancy’s amazing talents. “She never forgot a name,” Vicki recalled.

Even though Laurie didn’t tell her daughter Nancy Zieman had passed, Laurie’s daughter quickly found out through the media and texted her mom. “We used to watch her on Saturday mornings”, the text read. “Even though my daughter isn’t a sewer, Nancy touched her life because we’d watch Sewing With Nancy together and she had fond memories of that,” Laurie said. “She was a celebrity but never acted like it; she was just one of us–very genuine, down to earth, and approachable. She was also an amazingly talented woman, gifted teacher, and smart businesswoman. Whether you knew her personally or through watching her on television, you felt like she was your friend…and she was.”

All of us from Modern Quilts Unlimited, and our sister publication Machine Quilting Unlimited,  would like to pass our condolences on to Nancy Zieman’s family, friends, and fans.  For those who would like to honor Nancy, information on memorials is available on Nancy’s blog.  Nancy’s Notions put together this wonderful tribute video to share moments of Nancy’s life that we want to share with you.


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