Stencils for Modern Quilting

Jodi Robinson’s stencils and rulers are perfect for modern quilts.

Originally posted on September 2, 2016 by Amanda Leins

Sometimes cool tools come across my radar and I just have to share, them, especially when the tools are from a person whose work I admire! Jodi Robinson, a quilting expert who creates stunningly beautiful quilts with a mid-century vibe, has developed stencils and rulers that are perfect for modern quilts.

You may recognize these circles. Jodi has been teaching this technique to quilters across the country for the last couple years!


If you’re not familiar with stencils, they can be a great way to draft grids and designs for your quilting. These are usually made from stiff template plastic with narrow lines of cut-outs. To mark the design, you can either use a loose chalk dust that is applied with a type of sponge (called a “pounce”) or you can even use a fine tip water- or air-soluble marker to draw inside the cut-out. You can choose to follow the lines or free-motion quilt within them, using them as a guide.

Templates are usually for use with a specific foot, called a ruler foot. To quilt with them, you place the edge of the template against the ruler foot, tracing the outline of the template with your stitching. They’re great for perfect smooth curves and sharp points, and can help with creating interesting line designs.

Jodi Robinson’s stencils and templates are shapes perfectly suited for mod quilts. With two templates and two stencils, there are tons of possibilities to play with.

I admit to being a bit of a template junky, so I am really excited about these! If you don’t know Jodi Robinson’s quilts, make sure to check out her blog where she writes about what she’s up to or follow her on Instagram @jodirdesigns!


Mandy Leins is an author with Stash Books, quilting and piecing teacher, and longarm quilter. You can find her at Mandalei Quilts

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