Storage Tip: IKEA Raskog Utility Cart

This handy utility cart from IKEA is a quilter’s favorite for storage.

Originally posted on January 25, 2018 by Cheryl Sleboda

Whether you have a lot of room in your sewing space or a little, this handy utility cart from IKEA has been a big boon to many for storage.  It’s got a huge following online, including a hashtag on Instagram that is going around: #craftyraskog.  Click here to see how many crafty people have utilized their Raskog carts.

Let’s talk about why it has such a following. First, the retro styling immediately grabbed everyone’s attention.  It looks like it came from grandma’s house.  It’s not very wide so it can be stored in a variety of nooks and crannies.  It’s got wheels, so it can be moved about and rolled back away when you’re done using it.  It’s very sturdy, so it’s not going to wobble apart by pulling it around.  Plus, it’s got lots of height between trays to store taller items.

Because it’s metal, you can stick magnets to it.  The bottom of each tray is perforated, so if you have small things that may fall through, you can organize each tray with smaller bins.  And it’s also great for the garage, kitchen, and any other room that just needs a cart.

When the Raskog was introduced it came in a lovely turquoise color that’s sadly discontinued.  Now it comes in beige, burnt orange, and a dark grey.  It was also about $20 more than it goes for now. Because they have come down in price, it makes it a much easier decision to get one.  You do have to assemble it, but that is very easy.

In fact there’s a few off brand carts that still come in the turquoise color, or you can get yourself some paint and make yours any color you like.  Surprisingly, IKEA still had the best price on the style of cart, but we did see many other brands selling this style that may fit your style or size requirements better.

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