Storage Tip: Pegboard

Organize your sewing space with this garage staple.

Originally posted on March 13, 2018 by Cheryl Sleboda

Pegboard has been around for ages in garages and retail, holding all manner of tools or products.  But can you use it in your sewing space? Yes, you can!  Even better, you can paint it to match your sewing space decor.  Let’s take a look at some pegboard basics.

Pegboard used in Candy Glendening’s California studio.

Pegboard comes in all manner of sizes, but your average piece is about 2 ft by 4 ft and costs under $15 (depending on the paint coating).  You can get it from your hardware store or online.  You can’t just install it directly to the wall, unfortunately, as you need space behind the pegboard for your “pegs” to slide into.  You’ll need to create that space with strips of wood called “furring” strips.  The folks at the hardware store can direct you to the right kind of wood for this.

You can also frame out your pegboard on the back with your furring strips so that you do not have to create furring in the center of the board where you may want hang pegs.  In Candy Glendening’s studio, she has a nice frame around hers so it’s more like a picture frame.  There’s a ton of tutorials online to create one.

A wide variety of hooks are available. 

The fun part is getting a variety of hooks and organizing your new pegboard!  It works great for the kitchen, too.  Google “Julia Child pegboard” to see how she outlined every pot and pan so it went back to it’s proper place.  Now, that’s organized to the extreme!

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