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Originally posted on February 1, 2018 by Cheryl Sleboda

Candy Glendening is a quilter and fiber artist who is not afraid of color!  Her quilts and sewing projects are bold and bright, thanks to her beautiful hand dyed fabric.  We had a chance to chat with Candy in her Redlands, California studio.

Where is your studio located (room in your house, basement, separate studio space, etc)?

This is one of the bedrooms in my house. It’s around 11’ x 13’ and already had the built in desk/shelving around the window when we moved in 14 years ago. I originally thought this room should be the playroom for my two (at the time) young sons, but hubby told me the desk/shelves made it the perfect area for me; I am on the computer a LOT for my day job (I teach biology at the University of Redlands). As my career as a quilter has grown to include lots of blogging, picture editing and pattern writing it’s awesome to be able to swivel back and forth between my sewing machine and the computer.


What is your favorite part of your studio?

All of it! Honestly, I can’t choose a favorite part because over the years I’ve been able to customize it so that the storage is maximized with the items I use most close at hand, and the surfaces I work on are perfect for their job. My husband has built the 3 pieces of furniture in the room: the sewing table has holes and ledges for both of my sewing machines and the back can flip up for double the surface area when I’m quilting larger quilts, the storage piece with my large ironing board has cubbies for my favorite size of Sterilite box that holds a lot of fabric, and my wheeled cutting table also can expand to double its surface area.


What would you like to do to your studio if you had a chance?

MORE SPACE!!!!! Whenever I open up one of the expandable table tops for more working room there is very little floor space left to navigate around. I also wish I had a bigger design wall, I can’t layout large quilts all at once, which would be helpful when I’m working improvisationally, which is my favorite way of working. However, I know how lucky I am to have a dedicated room to work, and furniture customized for that space, so I don’t dream too often. However, my older son is a Junior in college, and if I got rid of the dresser in his bedroom I could purchase and setup one of those sit down long-arm quilting machines I’ve been envying…..


WOW! Thanks, Candy!  To see more of Candy’s work or learn more about her fabric dyeing, check out her website at

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