Studio Tour: Sam Hunter

Take a tour of her Portland, OR studio with us!

Originally posted on March 8, 2018 by Cheryl Sleboda

Sam Hunter, of Hunter’s Design Studio, sat down with us to share a little bit about her sewing space.  Sam is the author of Quilt Talk, a book about making letters out of fabric for your next quilt. She is also the driving force behind “We Are $ew Worth It”, a movement to change the way you think about how a designer gets compensated for their work.

Sam has a place for everything in her studio. 

Where is your studio located (room in your house, basement, separate studio space, etc)?

My studio is in my living room (and my living room is in my master bedroom, and I sleep in the #2 bedroom) of my apartment. My office is a corner of the master also. I love having a studio in my living space as I enjoy engaging my work in the first moments of the day while the kettle boils. If I keep my studio out of the house (somewhere that I have to drive to) I miss those sweet early moments before the head chatter gets powered up. I can also accommodate 6 students in the studio by moving the furniture around.


What is your favorite part of your studio?

I love my design wall – I’ve used one for over 20 years. This particular one is screwed into the wall (I have movable wall elements too) and measures 6 1/2’ x 9 1/2’ – almost enough to work on two quilts at once. I also have done a lot of work to my studio to make it fit me ergonomically: my sewing machine is in a table, my cutting table is higher, and I have squishy kitchen mats in the places I stand a lot.


What would you like to do to your studio if you had a chance?

Double the space! More practically though, while I would like to keep my studio in my home, I’d love for it to have a door so I could close it and walk away. Having the studio always in my line of site means that I sometimes do a poor job of not working all the time!

Sam’s tidy sewing area, and machine set up. 

Thanks for sharing your space with us, Sam!  To learn more about Sam Hunter, visit her website at  Share your studio with us on our Facebook page!

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