When You Need a Big Ironing Surface…

Sometimes a regular ironing board just isn’t big enough!

Originally posted on April 12, 2018 by Cheryl Sleboda

Let’s say you want to press a backing fabric for a king size quilt…  Your standard ironing surface is just not going to be large enough!  Alternatives are out there, you just need to know where to look.

Did you know that some boards have attachments?  This deluxe ironing board from the Reliable Corporation does!  It comes with an extender so that you can create a new surface that is 55″ wide by 18.9″ deep.  Plus, if you need it to be a normal board again, you just remove the extension.  This super sturdy board has double wishbone legs so it won’t topple over.
There are boards that fit over your existing ironing boards as well.  The Original Big Board is one that lays on top of your ironing board. There are also large pressing mats you can get that you can lay on the floor or a bed to press on that will not transfer heat to the under-surface.

You can also follow lots of instructions online for creating your own ironing board top.  One idea is to use a sideboard or buffet table to create an ironing surface from.  You will need a solid wood board the size you want your board to be and at least 4 layers of 100% cotton batting.  Before you lay down your batting, you will want to lay down a layer of insulating fabric, then the batting, and then your fabric cover of choice.  Then your top can be secured to a sturdy base. has lots of ironing board DIY examples to follow.

Cheryl used a sideboard from IKEA and a custom top as her large ironing surface that also doubles as storage.

Next time you find you need a bigger ironing surface, we say go for it!  It will to get lots of use and they last for a long time.  It’s an investment worth making if you make lots of large quilts.

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